About the Rabbit

Cabbage Rabbit is freelance journalist Bill Kohlhaase. Bill began writing about jazz for the L.A. Weekly in 1985 and went on to write over 600 Jazz Pick columns for the paper. He also reviewed restaurants and books, wrote neighborhood profiles and stories on development issues as well as serving as editorial manager in 1986 and ‘87. He covered jazz for the Los Angeles Times from 1988 -2000, writing over 1,200 reviews, profiles and interviews as well as hundreds of unsigned performance picks and announcements. His work has also appeared in the OC Weekly, L.A. Style (including a cover story on the gentrification of Venice, CA), Down Beat, Jazz Times, The Orange County Register and others. Since leaving Los Angeles in 2000 he has published stories on development, social and environmental issues for a number of publications. He’s written the feature article for the Playboy Jazz Festival’s program each year since 2004 and was recently the book reviewer for the OC Weekly and the Inland Empire Weekly.

A former denizen of urban wilderness and appreciator of high-density environments, the Rabbit is also an avid backpacker and spends weeks each year crawling though the mountains of western America. He has never been mugged but has seen his share of wolves and grizzly bears. He currently lives above ground in the miniature bonsai forest that decorates the hills above Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Cabbage Rabbit writes from a fan’s perspective. As a longtime contributor to the alternative press, he appreciates the unusual, off-beat, experimental and obscure as well as the wildly successful.  Part March Hare, part White Rabbit, he has ears for the timeless, but little interest in being timely. A rival jazz critic once accused Cabbage Rabbit of being all appetite and no taste (he was half right). cabbagerabbitdblpeace

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